First Time Homebuyer Loans

Make a Good Start. Get First Time Homebuyer Loans!

There is one top idea that is constantly keeping your attention - the idea of buying a house. To buy, or not? That is the question. You might think there are no good options for the first-time buyers. Plus, many unanswered questions make the process extremely tough for you. But wait! There are some factors that can help you decide. Our online loan calculator will help you to estimate your monthly payments. If the mortgage rates are low, the rents are rising and the choice of place is made, no need to wait. Take your life to the next level by purchasing your first home! But before that, explore the First Time Homebuyer loans to secure a successful start.

Loan Options for First-Time Homebuyers

First Time Homebuyer loans are specifically tailored to your first home purchase. They offer small down payments or no down payment at all. Here are some of the most popular options available in Las Vegas:

  • FHA loan - You can enjoy your first home-buying experience with FHA loans. Pay as low as 3.5% down and the closing costs will come in a gift package.
  • 30-Year loan - Are you fond of stability? Here is a good option for your first home purchase. With 3% down or less than 3% equity you will get a low payment and an unchangeable rate. 
  • 1% down payment option - If you are a qualified buyer, you can have this choice. Purchase a home for just 1% down payment and gain 3% equity upfront. This is one of the best options among First Time Homebuyer loans.
  • VA loan - If you qualify as a veteran, a veteran’s spouse, or a military member, this loan is your perfect fit. You can become the owner of your first home with no money down, no PMI, and flexible credits.

Make sure to consider several quotes to find the monthly payment you are comfortable with. If your monthly budget includes childcare, car payments, or student loans, you will need a customized approach. These are factors that can have favorable impact on your monthly payments.

Contact our home loan expert to get all your questions answered. You are not just another client for us! Every and each member of our team values the partnership and communication with you. We have designed a mortgage process that answers your specific concerns and priorities. Make your first home purchase a life investment with us!