VA Loans in Las Vegas

You Served for Us, Now Let Us Serve You. Obtain VA Loans

Buying a home with no money down is still possible if you are a veteran, a veteran’s spouse, or a military member. You can have access to the unique program of VA loans to purchase a house in Las Vegas. The minimal requirements and favorable features will make this loan a top choice for you. These mortgages are offered by private lenders and guaranteed by the federal government. This is a way of expressing special gratitude to the returning veterans like you.

Privileges of VA Loans

If you qualify for VA loans, you can go ahead with your plans with more confidence. You will put no money down with this home mortage. Moreover, you will have no PMIs to pay, either. These are the biggest benefits that make this loan so appealing.

A great privilege is the governmental support in case you default. The Department of Veterans Affairs will cover a part of your VA mortgage if you fail to pay. The high level of security will bring you low rates and good terms if you are a qualified borrower.

No penalties can restrict you from prepaying your mortgage. Feel free to do your prepayments whenever you can afford.

If your credit scores are as low as 620, you can still apply for VA loans. The possibility of refinancing up to 120% of your home’s value is another advantage. As for the terms, you can make choice between 30-, 20-, 15-year fixed rate and 5-year ARM loans.

Closing Costs

Take some time to review the costs and fees before you sign a VA loan contract. Keep in mind that you can roll the funding fee into the loan amount. It’s a great way for you to limit the closing costs. Other fees that can be found in your VA closing costs are listed below:

Contact our experts if you want to start a VA mortgage program. We value your service to our country and will be honored to go through this process with you.